Cutting the Ties that Bind (CTTTB) Wednesday Evenings - Six Week Telephone Course

"Cutting the Ties That Bind" is a six-week course of profound clearing work with great depth and simplicity. It enables a person to become liberated as an independent and whole person, relying on their inner source of security and wisdom rather than the false and binding security of old attachments and patterns.

We can detach ourselves from false and negative controlling factors such as parents, teachers, family members, partners, and friends; as well as material objects such as money, jobs, and cars, etc. Also from various addictions, bad habits, negative emotions, religious or cultural influences and inherited characteristics. You can never cut from love and the ‘cutting’ work only strengthens it.

Class is scheduled 5:00pm - 7:00pm Mountain Time

A $50 non-refundable deposit is held for all registrants.

For additional class information contact our local coordinator:

Janna Moll 303-346-3809 or

Level: Open to Anyone

Tuition Fee: $ 200

Instructor: Janna Moll

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