About Energy Medicine Specialists

Energy Medicine Specialists is a center for excellence in healing, practice, education, presenting, and consulting in the field of Energy Medicine. Available for both local and non-local (distance) healing sessions; self-care workshops, and classroom training at all levels, this center is markedly one of the most influential healing centers in the Nation.

Meet Our Staff

Janna Moll, MSN, HTCP/I, LMT

Janna Moll is the founder of the Heart Healing Center, Inc. (HHC) and Energy Medicine Specialists (EMS). HHC offers energy medicine treatment and EMS is an organization that offers beginner to advanced practice coursework in the field of energy medicine - for all ages to practitioners. As well, Janna travels to teach and present internationally.

Janna's 20+ year private practice combines her training in multiple energy disciplines (Healing Touch, Sound and Color Healing, Reiki, Polarity, Pranic, Reconnection, EFT, Therapeutic Touch and Rosalyn Brueyre work, to name a few) with psychotherapy and coaching. Janna is published in texts, newsletters and e-periodicals on various topics in the field of energy medicine. She is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP) and instructor (HTCI), teaching all levels of the HTP curricular program and serving as a Lead upper level instructor. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Specialist in Energy Medicine. She holds a masters in nursing. For years Janna has worked with holistic medicine in building community networking and support groups for EM practitioners and has consulted on accreditation aligned with healthcare.

She presents to national organizations (American Holistic Medical Association, Healing Touch Program, American Board of Holistic Medicine, Crimson Circle) and local groups and hospitals (Holistic Alternative Reference Practitioners-HARP, MSF - Doctors Without Borders, Colorado Holistic and Alternative Practitioners Study Group-CHAPS, Skyridge Hospital, Littleton Hospital, CU Hospital Pain Center and 3rd and 4th year Medical Residents, Mile Hi Church, etc.) on various EM topics. She presented and has taught internationally as well (Africa, India, Canada).

Melinda Chichester, HTCP/I

Melinda Chichester, HTCP and Instructor for the Healing Touch Program and the National Education Coordinator for Energy Medicine Specialists.  She is responsible for recruitment, coordination and scheduling of Advanced Practitioner and Healing Touch workshops. Melinda is a self-starter with high enthusiasm and energy. She strives to create an atmosphere for motivating people and maintaining high morale within the community.

Melinda is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and End-of-Life Doula. She offers energy treatments focusing on releasing trauma within the energy field allowing for self-healing and self-development. Melinda also offers support for families looking to create a sacred passage for their loved one going through transtions.

Melinda also mentors students who are becoming certified in Healing Touch. She offers introductions/workshops in her community  'Healing Touch Self-Care is Good Health Care', educating on the benefits of self-care.


Dale Ferg, MS, Nuclear Physics

Dale Ferg is published on Physics and is the Director of Energy Medicine Credentialing, a consulting business for disciplines accrediting certification program in the field of Energy Medicine. Dale takes the energetic format of coursework information and puts it into a framework of Physics for the EMS student. Dale brings a wealth of knowledge to the EMS classroom for energy students.